Thursday, February 28, 2013


My wife and I are entering a new phase of our 10 year marriage. We've begun a DD relationship. I am the HoH.
This is proving to both a learning experience and a lifestyle change. In my own life, I have gone from having absolute control with no regard for the other person,  to giving up the control to my wife after marriage, and now regaining the control but not taking my family and wife for granted.
Last night we sat down, talked everything over, made a list of things I expect for our house to run smoothly. A few hours later, she broke a rule.
We talked about it, she admitted she did wrong. we went into the bathroom and I spanked her with a wooden spoon. After, I held her, told her I love her, and this is the end of this situation.
I was definitely nervous at first, but as soon as I did it, it felt completely natural.
We slept in each other's arms and woke up with smiles on both of our faces. I have been feeling closer to my wife than ever before in the last few months and this just feels like the next natural step for us. She had always wanted this for our marriage and after a lot of research and discussion, I agreed. I am so thankful she is comfortable enough with me to bring this up and trusts me enough to know that the discipline is not without regard to her or to our home running smoothly.
Until next time folks,