Monday, March 4, 2013


Curfew on school nights is 10pm. This means kids are home, friends/boyfriends leave at/or before that time. Weekends and Holiday breaks the curfew is Midnight. Pretty fair I think. These rules have always been in place. I am a strict enforcer of such rules in my house.
Well, I work night shift and am not always here, so I expect my wife to uphold the house rules when I am not present. Friday night the kids started watching a movie with friends that ran over curfew. My permission was not asked to do so, and she told me the company left around 12:30. I told her my cell phone works just fine and hers does too. This is a rule broken.
Then the truth came out. She broke down and told me that the company left at 2:30am!
I was irate over 2 rules that had been broken. Breaking curfew without permission and even bigger, lying. While I thanked her for her honesty and even praised her for feeling comfortable enough to tell me, rules were still broken.
I have a ZERO tolerance for lying. This resulted in the first bare bottom spanking. I took a little while to calm down, talked with her about the situation and delivered her punishment.
I think with this being new she was maybe pushing limits. But, she found out the limits are not far. This was the most intense spanking I have delivered.
After, we reviewed the rules for the curfew, discussed the seriousness of the situation, hugged, and moved on with our day.
I'm hoping the sting on her skin deters her from breaking that rule again....
Until next time,


  1. Assuming she doesn't have the authority to over ride curfew or had it in the past I think you are right on. As for the lying well that is such a no no and the punishments are always worse when I lie actually I don't lie. Always always calm down first and we must test our limits it is what makes us secure with our HoHs

  2. Welcome to blogging and the DD community.
    Honesty is truly a very important aspect of a DD relationship. Communication, patience and a calm approach is also something we all find beneficial.
    I wish you well in both beginning your blog and new DD relationship dynamic :)