Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grateful & Meds

I broke out in massive hives over the past few days. Haven't figured out why yet, but that's a side issue.

Instead of writing about her incidents of rule breaking and subsequent punishment, I wanted to write about the care my beautiful wife has given me since the outbreak.

The first morning I had them, she ran a bath, washed me, filled me with Benadryl, and put me to bed where I slept for 8 hours.

I was feeling a bit better, so decided to go to work the next night. I made it 10 out of 12 before the hives got so bad I could not function. I think I took enough benadryl to put down a small elephant.

I called my wife to ask her to get me because I was groggy and lethargic from the Benadryl. She said yes without hesitation. At 4 in the morning, she picked me up from work and brought me home. I slept another 10 hours. After I woke up the hives were still there and beginning to travel down my throat. She took me to the hospital, sat with me and brought me home again where she planted me on the couch to sleep.

I woke up to her sitting next to me playing with our son. I felt really loved that she was still by my side even when I slept all day and am sick. I am truly grateful for her and everything she does for me. Man I am lucky.

Until next time folks,

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