Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Buying a car is a pain. Financing, insurance, and maintenance on the other car you already own takes it's toll on your level of stress. I get that.

I also am the HoH and will not be yelled at in the middle of the mall parking lot.
Rule broken. Punishment no doubt followed.

We are still new to DD and I am still exploring public discipline, so I decided to wait until the shopping was done, we were back home, and our baby was asleep.

When the time came we sat down, talked everything out and I gave her another bare bottom spanking. Hugely intense. She pulled away this time and I gave her 2 more whacks for it.  After the spanking, she wrote all of the rules out again and agreed to try and not let stress get the better of her.

I love my wife with all of my heart and soul and am so glad we are in this journey together for the greater good of our relationship and family.

Side note:
While shopping after "The Incident", I found a small journal and bought it for her. I asked her to start a punishment journal on the events that led to rules being broken, the punishment received and the steps needed to be taken to prevent it from happening again. She loved it....and had her first entry to write about.....

Until next time,

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  1. Congrats on working out TTWD. I don't envy you guys trying to do this with kids in the house! It's hard enough for the two of us when we're the only ones in the house! :)

    Based on my experience as one who is "Taken in Hand" a journal is so so helpful...of course, instead of writing stuff down, she could always blog about it...:P