Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's been awhile...

I haven't posted in awhile. I know this. I have a lot to say, I just can't get it all out. Where to begin...
Ok, my wife has been overall pretty good at most of the rules and guidelines we have set up and agreed upon. She has her days where she is kind of bratty and argumentative, but overall, pretty good.
There was a HUGE rule broken again and a very very intense punishment that had taken place. Probably harshest punishment to date.
The next night, we were in the midst of intimacy and she asked me to spank her and push her.
We always seperate DD and our bedroom activities, I rarely ever use my hand for punishment, we never have sex right before or after punishment, the position in which I spank her....very strict.
I didn't think of anything when she asked me to push her. I rolled her over onto her stomach and really started to push her, somewhere in the midst of orgasms and spanking, she had completely submitted to me. That moment she finally broke. It was exactly what we had wanted, her to give herself to me 100%.
It was also the exact moment she began to freak out,cry, and hyperventilate. I picked her up, carried her to our couch and just held her. All I would say is, "I love you; you are safe with me." I kept her in my arms while she cried and tried to get away, I just held her and repeating myself. That went on for about half an hour. She finally started to breathe easier and sort of looked around and asked how we got to the living room. I told her everything that had happened, she drank some water, I took her to bed, held her all night and slept hard....both of us.
The next day she said she didn't remember any of it from shortly after she asked me to spank her until she asked how we got to the couch.
We talked for hours the next night about a lot of things and both came to the realization that DD brought us here to help her and I work through all of the scars we bear from our pasts. It forces us to talk, to listen, to be better more disciplined people. In a nutshell, her finally submitting to me and realizing she is safe in my arms is the most love she has ever felt. I truly love her with every fiber of my being. We are in this for more than a clean house, a balanced budget, and all of my wants and needs met unconditionally. We are here to balance each other and feel safe in our actions we take as a couple. This is why we do this...
Until next time Folks,

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