Sunday, April 2, 2017

Over it.

I will never make her smile like that again.
She wants you.

I wanted you, you left me.
You want her,

It wont make it feel less dirty or give justification to it by asking me to be a part of it after I caught you both in the ultimate betrayal. It fells like she cheated on me with my wife.

She wanted to be my wife. You already are.
Now she wants you to be hers and I'll just be left alone again.

Fucked up part is I did this. What did I expect.
"You gave her to me." FUCK YOU. I fought to keep her and she chose you. I didn't give her. You stole her to make it better,. She carried the small flame, you fanned it with attention. FUCK YOU

You burned my things, you played the Social media victim card. Got the attention you wanted. I became the Bad Guy.

Now where are your loyal followers?
Oh yeah, thats right, "No one needs to know my business"

I can't. I won't. I'll just wait, then I'll quietly leave.
Neither of you will notice, I don't matter.


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